Aluminium Bifold Doors Chepstow

At Panoramic, we’re proud to offer a wide choice of bifold doors for your home in Chepstow. We work with leading manufacturers REAL, Sunflex and Origin to offer their door designs for your living space. As a result, you can invest in leading quality with a local installer, and get a low price that makes your new doors a valuable purchase.

At Panoramic, we make sure our bifold doors are brilliant designs for any living space. They use multiple panels of double glazing and slimline aluminium frames, for an expansive design that opens your home up to nature. They operate on an in-line slider, and each panel folds away when you open the doors to reveal a wide-open entry to your garden!

REAL Bifold Doors

We know that bifold doors are a brilliant option for homes in Chepstow. But finding the right designs can be tricky with some suppliers. That’s why, at Panoramic, we provide you with more choice for your Chepstow home. You can select one of three distinct bifold door designs from leading manufacturers, each one giving you the set of doors your home deserves.

For a start, you could invest in REAL’s bifold door designs. REAL’s doors can let natural light pour into your home, and they’ll capture more of your home’s natural heat. With double glazing across the design and aluminium frames, the design offers a lot of insulation. As a result, your new doors could cut the cost of your energy bills for good.

You’ll also be able to break down the barriers between your home and the outside world. REAL’s bifold doors have 132mm profiles for your Chepstow home. That means you’ll get slimline aluminium frames that don’t get in the way of the glass panels. You’ll get fantastic views of the outside world, and more light will enter your home as well.

And, if you want more choice in bifold doors for your Chepstow home, all of our doors are fully customisable! You’ll be able to select from a range of options to style your door to suit your living space seamlessly. You can get customisable glazing, handles and precise dimensions. And, with our range of unique colours and finishes, your new doors will look perfect for years to come!

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SUNFLEX Bifold Doors

Alternatively, you could take a look at SUNFLEX’s bifold doors for your home in Chepstow. If you’d like to let light fill your living space, SUNFLEX’s designs are ideal for you. You can get them with glass panels up to 3.5m high and 1.2m wide, meaning you get uninterrupted views of the outside world. However, you won’t be letting in things that you’d rather not.

That’s because SUNFLEX’s bifold doors are a fully weatherproof option for your Chepstow home. Their aluminium frames won’t warp, crack or twist over time, and the frames barely even scratch. As a result, you can customise the colour of the frames, knowing it won’t fade for a lifetime.

Another benefit of SUNFLEX’s designs is the 44mm multi-chambered profile. That means you won’t only get brilliant insulation in winter, but better comfort in summer too. The profiles let out excess heat during the summer months, meaning warmth won’t collect too much inside your home.

That means you could save on air conditioning as much as heating! Also, you’ll be able to benefit from all that for decades to come. Aluminium bifold doors can perform for up to 50 years for your home in Chepstow. You won’t have to carry out any regular maintenance on the door either. Repainting and revarnishing will be a problem of the past.

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Origin Bifold Doors

Finally, we’re also proud to offer bifold doors from Origin for your Chepstow home. Origin is one of the UK’s market-leaders, and their stunning aluminium frames are the perfect example. In your new doors, you’ll get 72mm slimline profiles that won’t get in the way of your glass in any way.

However, these profiles aren’t too thin that they lose their strength. Your new doors will be highly durable designs, able to withstand the worst weather conditions. Not only that, but aluminium bifold doors are impact resistant. Because aluminium is a precious metal, it’ll have no trouble dealing with forced entry attempts, helping you protect what matters most inside your home.

Origin’s bifold doors are a secure option. You’ll get an 8-point locking mechanism inside the doors which stops an intruder separating the glass from the frame. Additionally, the in-line slider holds more security hardware, including shootbolts. With a low-threshold option, you can reduce the clearance too, making the doors anti-crowbar while improving accessibility.

And, as the frames are weatherproof, they can protect the hardware inside from rust and wear. That means nothing inside the doors will creak or crack for years to come, and you’ll get a smooth operation for thousands of uses. That makes Origin’s bifold doors a long-term investment for your Chepstow home.

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