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Here at Panoramic, we’ve been providing stunning bifold doors and various home improvements for over 40 years. We’re here to help homeowners in and around Clifton to maximise the potential of their properties by opening them up and allowing more natural light to flood into them. Our bifold doors are stylish and high performing, creating the illusion of more space in a much brighter home. With our experience and expertise, we know how to create the ideal door design for you.

We work with market-leaders to bring the highest quality home improvements to properties in Clifton. We offer three distinct styles of bifold doors from the most renowned names in the industry. It’s all part of our commitment to providing homeowners with the finest upgrades to their property. Our bifold doors are all heavily customisable, sleek and stylish, and open up your home to increased light and space. The team at Panoramic is here to find the bifold door that’s right for your Clifton home.

REAL Bifold Doors

Our REAL bifolding doors are one of the most contemporary home improvements we offer. Their thoroughly modern style brings with it the same state-of-the-art benefits for superior performance. REAL bifold doors provide homeowners with excellent security and thermal efficiency improvements too for a better performing home all year round. Their clean lines make for a stunning profile that allows sunlight to flood your home for a lighter and brighter living space.

The REAL bifold door design features slim sightlines of just 132mm for a larger glazed area than others on the market. When open, the sash fold together neatly and tightly, so you can enjoy vast and uninterrupted views across your property. These bifold doors will keep you warm and secure in your home, so they are an improvement that will work for you. With their sleek yet high-performance and robust profile, they are a worthwhile investment for your Clifton home.

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SUNFLEX Bifold Doors

SUNFLEX bifold doors boast full-length glass panels at up to 3.5m high and 1.2m wide for an enviable appearance in any property. You can create an eye-catching wall of glass for your Clifton home to open it with increased light and space. Seamlessly step between your interior and exterior living spaces with our elegant bifold doors that will attract attention as a result of their stylish appearance and superior functionality. A German design, SUNFLEX is built to last and work for you.

Bifold doors from SUNFLEX bring a whole host of benefits for your Clifton property. Enjoy total peace of mind with regards to your home’s security with their Secured by Design accreditation. As part of a UK Police initiative, these bifold doors are tested against the latest forced entry attempts to promote safety. Also, their 44mm multi-chambered profile creates a supremely thermally efficient and insulating design to keep your home cosier and more comfortable all year round.

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Origin Bifold Doors

Origin bifold doors provide a heavily customisable home improvement solution for properties in Clifton. Their slender sash sightlines at just 72mm mean you’re free to enjoy stunning views of our property uninterrupted. Choose how many glass panels you would like to make up your new bifold door, and then select which of the 150 shades will work best to match or reinvest the character of your home. Consider either a woodgrain finish for an authentic aesthetic, as well as more modern colours like grey or black.

Your Clifton home will enjoy exceptional security features, so you can relax behind your new bifold doors with complete peace of mind. Protect your home with 8-point locking mechanisms and shootbolt security system. Choose accessories to complete the look you want for your new doors. With our range of handles and hinges in different finishes, including modern stainless steel and aluminium, you can complete the sleek and stylish aesthetic of your bifolding doors.

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Aluminium Bifold Door Costs Clifton

At Panoramic, we’re committed to creating the perfect bifold doors for homeowners in Clifton. Our stunning designs provide many benefits for homes with their cutting-edge features. The three styles we offer from market-leaders REAL, SUNFLEX and Origin are all high performing. There is sure to be the right option for you and your home.

Customise your bifold door design to suit or reinvent the character of your home in Clifton. Refine the style of your new or replacement door, from the colour and finish to accessories and glass panels. We’re here to help you create bifolding doors that work for you and your home.

Our bifold doors feature innovative designs to allow more light to fill your home. You will be able to enjoy the illusion of more space in your home with a brighter, more open living area. Choose to upgrade your bifold doors with Panoramic for a truly state-of-the-art home improvement.

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Here at Panoramic, our home improvements are made using the highest quality materials and created in partnership with market-leading names in the industry. It’s all part of our commitment to bringing homeowners in Clifton the very best bifold doors available.

We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry, so you can trust that you are receiving the best bifold doors available. Our superior quality installers are fitted with our experience and expertise, bringing you the best service available for you and your home.

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