sliding doors
sliding doors

Stunning Natural Light

Slimline sliding doors are the perfect solution for rooms that need a bit of brightening up; the narrowest sightlines on the market let natural light flood in.

A Seamless Connection

Whether you use them internally or as an entrance to the garden, our slimline sliding doors are the perfect way to seamlessly connect your living spaces.

Low Maintenance

Now more than ever, time is a precious commodity. To protect your spare time, these doors are made from premium aluminium that needs little upkeep.

Contemporary Design

With clean lines and a minimalist design, these slimline sliding doors will create an eye-catching, contemporary feature that is sure to turn heads.

Origin Slimline Sliding Doors

Origin slimline sliding doors boast incredibly slim sightlines of only 20mm! In order to achieve this, the frame is very slender. However, this does not mean it lacks strength. Origin slimline patio doors use premium aluminium, making the frame inherently strong.

The panels of Origin slimline sliding doors can measure up to 2.2m by 3m! This impressive size means that we can make the most of even the largest spaces. Everyone can benefit from a wall of floor to ceiling glass that can be opened to create a wide doorway.

Origin slimline sliding doors practical, as well as stylish. The low-emissivity, toughened glass is both hard to damage and insulating. This is further coupled with multipoint locking to make them even more secure. The doors can achieve a U-value of 1.4 W/m2K.

sliding doors

SUNFLEX Slimline Sliding Doors

SUNFLEX slimline sliding doors have beautifully slim sightlines of 30mm, much smaller than any bi-fold doors. You can also choose to have up to 8 panels, which creates an opening as wide as 24 metres! This means that our doors are ideal for larger areas.

For your peace of mind, SUNFLEX slimline patio doors are highly secure. They have multipoint locking with a Euro profile cylinder. They are also internally glazed, making it harder to remove the glass from outside. The doors even have Secured by Design status!

SUNFLEX slimline sliding doors will keep your home warm and comfortable in all conditions. They are designed with weathertight tracks to ensure they keep out wind and rain. The thermally efficient double glazing creates a U-value as low as 1.6W/m2K.

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Slimline Sliding Doors Prices, Bristol

Are you looking for a free, instant quote for slimline sliding doors? Use our simple, online quoting engine! You can get an accurate price in a matter of seconds. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ pricing; instead, you will get a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Have you looked at our sliding doors range? These stunning, aluminium patio doors offer striking, contemporary style and exceptional, practical performance. There’s no need to compromise.

Why Choose Us?

We source our slimline sliding doors from market leaders who we trust to use quality materials and innovative design. Our careful selection ensures that the doors offer an exceptional level of performance and style. We handpick and research our products so that you don’t have to.

Even our industry leading slimline sliding doors won’t work to their best if they are poorly installed. Luckily for our customers, we know how to achieve the best performance. Our expert team will ensure the perfect fit, so you benefit from style and function.

Our team of professionals will install your slimline sliding doors with minimal fuss, keeping the process simple and stress free. Their expertise means they work efficiently, getting the best results possible while causing little disruption to your day to day life.

SUNFLEX Frameless Sliding Doors

If you are seeking a truly stunning glass door feature, then our frameless sliding doors are perfect. This system features a slim, 20mm top and 5mm bottom rail that hold the glass panels. The premium aluminium used allows for effortless operation.

The glass panels can be up to 1600mm wide by 2600mm high. You can also choose to use between one and twelve panels, depending on your available space. This means you can enjoy stunning, uninterrupted views of nature, whether the doors are open or closed.

The large amount of glass does not mean that these frameless doors are impractical. For insulation and weatherproofing, a slim, aluminium or transparent seal can be added. We can also fit a locking plate with a 5-lever Euro profile cylinder for maximum security.

Our slimline sliding doors can have a low threshold. This creates an unobstructed connection between spaces and improves access for prams and wheelchairs.

The premium aluminium we use means that, unlike timber alternatives, our slimline patio doors won’t bow, warp or rot over time. They are very low maintenance.

Our slimline sliding doors can be installed with a clever, concealed pocket. This design feature means that the panels are entirely hidden from view when the door is open.

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