Aluminium Bifold Doors Clevedon

Bifold doors are a beautiful way of transforming your Clevedon home. Unlike many other designs, bifold doors are panoramic, with full panels of double glazing and sleek aluminium frames. As a result, you’ll get open views, clear sightlines and you’ll let more natural light inside your home too.

Additionally, you can make your garden even more accessible. Bifold doors have a unique folding opening, meaning each panel of the door disappears to reveal an expansive entrance to the outside world.

REAL Bifold Doors

At Panoramic, we work with three leading suppliers to offer bifold doors that make a difference to your home in Clevedon. The first is REAL, whose bifold doors are bold designs that open your living space up to light and warmth.

Your new entrance will use slimline aluminium and full double glazing panels to offer a larger glazed area in the design. That means you’ll get better views of the outside world and more natural light. You’ll get slim sightlines of only 132mm for a truly uninterrupted view.

One of the strengths of bifold doors is how they can help you save money, too. Thanks to their double glazing, your bifold doors can capture more energy than other designs. As a result, you’ll be investing in a thermal barrier for your home, which keeps its natural heat inside.

You won’t lose nearly as much heat, and there’ll be less chance of cold air replacing it. Because of this, you can stay warmer inside your home throughout the year, and you can save on your heating bills.

real bifold doors

SUNFLEX Bifold Doors

We also supply SUNFLEX’s stunning bifold doors for homes in Clevedon. SUNFLEX is a German design, offering quality engineering for your living space. These bifold doors have glazing panels that you can customise to suit you, with a maximum height of 3.5m.

That means your doors could have twice the height of an average person, offering an incredible amount of light and warmth. However, while bifold doors can make your home feel more open, that doesn’t mean you and your family will be more exposed.

That’s because bifold doors are also secure designs, that are proven to be able to keep your home safe. When you invest in bifold doors from us, you can rely on them to protect you.

SUNFLEX’s doors have a 44mm, multi-chambered profile and Secured By Design accreditation. That not only means you’ll be able to ventilate your home and use energy more efficiently, but you’ll create a powerful deterrent for any burglars. Also, with multi-point locking systems and durable aluminium as standard, you’ll have total peace of mind.

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Origin Bifold Doors

Origin is another one of our excellent partners. They have a reputation for quality design in all their products, and their bifold doors are no different. For a start, they use immaculate aluminium across the entrance.

Aluminium is a massive improvement on materials like uPVC, as it offers both more strength and more insulation too. As a result, aluminium bifold doors can capture more energy, and make it much more difficult for a burglar to break into your home.

Origin’s bifold doors are also customisable. You can style your aluminium frames in as many as 150 shades. That way, you can get bespoke bifold doors for your Cleveland home that reflect your personality.

Additionally, you can customise the dimensions, add blinds or curtains to offer you more lighting control or even add a low-threshold option. With all of these choices, investing in bifold doors for your property can help it feel more like your dream home.

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Aluminium Bifold Door Costs Clevedon

At Panoramic, we’re committed to offering leading bifold doors in Clevedon. That way, you won’t only improve how your home looks, but how it feels to live in too.

Bifold doors can make your home warmer, safer, and even protect your living space from the harshest elements across the year. Also, with our partnerships with leading manufacturers, you can be sure you’ll be getting bifold doors that make good on your investment.

We also believe that you shouldn’t have to buy bifold doors with off-the-shelf designs. That’s why we let you customise your bifold doors to create a bespoke option that suits your home and nobody else’s.

You’ll be able to choose the dimensions, colours and the number of panels your door features. That way, you’ll be in total control of achieving a dream look for your living space.

Why Choose Us

When you invest in bifold doors from Panoramic, you’ll benefit your home for years to come. We’re proud to offer leading designs with only the most advanced features on the market. Because of this, you’ll get superb performance from every aspect of your new entrance.

Also, we have over 40 years of experience in installing bifold doors around Clevedon and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated fitting team has the expertise and knowhow to install your new doors precisely, giving you service you can trust.

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Clevedon

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