How Bifold Doors Can Save You Money

How can bifold doors save you money? With Panoramic’s brilliant bifold doors, you could save money from day one. Bifold doors are a standout addition for any home, as they can open your living space up to nature. They have slimline frames made from aluminium, a robust and durable material, along with panels of double glazing that let natural light and warmth into your home without the cold.

Because of this, bifold doors can make your home warmer every day, while the aluminium frames make it safer as well. However, the main benefit of bifold doors is that they open with ease. You can push them along their in-line slider, and each glass panel will fold on itself, the whole door disappearing into the corner of the room.

That way, you can increase your home’s thermal efficiency, and even add value to your property. Not only that, but our bifold doors can last for decades, meaning you can save money on maintenance and repairs. Because of all this, Panoramic’s bifold doors can save you money in your home for years to come!

how bifold doors can save you money

Thermally Efficient Bifold Doors Can Save You Money

With aluminium bifold doors, you can save money on your energy bills. That’s because the whole design has superb insulation, keeping cold air well away from your home. Your bifold doors will feature advanced double glazing, putting two panes of glass in between your living space and the outside world.

That way, you’ll get more protection from the cold. Not only that, but the aluminium frames in your door have a dense structure. That means they offer superb insulation too, and they’re air and water-tight to prevent draughts and water ingress. Bifold doors also don’t suffer from condensation, meaning they can continue to insulate your home without the risk of the glass weakening or cracking.

Your doors, then, can keep your home warm for years to come. And, with their slimline design, you’ll let far more natural light and warmth into your home from the outdoors. As a result, your home could be warmer, more welcoming and more spacious. Thanks to these designs’ thermal efficiency, you can also cut the cost of your energy bills every day.

bifold doors

Low Maintenance Bifold Doors Can Save You Money

Another benefit of bifold doors is that they’re a low maintenance design. As a result, our bifold doors can save you even more money the older they get. While old doors with timber frames or single-glazed glass can be fragile as they grow older, our aluminium bifold doors are durable designs. That way, you won’t have to spend money repairing them for years to come.

The aluminium frames are fully weatherproof, meaning they won’t fade, twist or crack in the worst conditions. Not only that, but they’ll protect the internal security hardware inside your doors. Because of this, the multi-point locking mechanisms and shootbolts in your doors will retain their strength, protecting you from intruders.

With weatherproof aluminium frames, your bifold doors will keep their looks and performance for decades. That means you won’t have to worry about repainting the doors, or doing regular cleaning either! Because of this, you’ll be able to benefit from their efficiency for years, meaning you’ll continue to save money inside your home.

bifold doors save you money prices

Bifold Doors Can Save You Money and Add Value

However, bifold doors can do more than save you money. Over time, you could find that our bifold doors add genuine value to your home. Bifold doors are one of the most sought after products on the market today, and homebuyers are looking for them too. If you have bifold doors then, you could benefit from more frequent offers should you decide to move.

Bifold doors can also improve the kerb appeal of your home now, though. They can open out to your garden, providing a sense of open-plan living and expanding possibilities in how you use your living space. You could add bifold doors with some decking or a patio, creating a new outdoor area that feels connected to your indoor one.

As a result, your home could be worth more when you move as well. So, if you decide it’s time to find somewhere new, you might find you have more money to play with when you’re finding your next home. That way, Panoramic’s bifold doors can save you money inside your home, but they can also save you money inside your new one.

Panoramic’s Bifold Doors Can Save You Money

With Panoramic, you can invest in bifold doors that can save you money for less! Choose from our range of leading doors from REAL, Origin and Sunflex, and customise their design to perfectly fit your home.

You can use our online quoting engine to get a personalised price for any design, or you can call the Panoramic team on 01179 560 449 to hear more about our doors.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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