How Secure Are Bi-Fold Doors

How secure are bi-fold doors? While they can open up your home to nature, bi-fold doors won’t expose you to people outside. That’s because, in modern designs, you’ll be able to benefit from robust materials, leading hardware and long-lasting quality. Bi-fold doors are an innovative design for any home, as they use an in-line slider.

Because of this, the door doesn’t have a swing arc, removing a trip hazard to keep you safe inside. However, when it comes to threats outside, bi-fold doors play another role. Your doors will feature a robust aluminium frame and toughened double glazing, both of which are reinforced by locking systems that’ll be tough to crack for any intruder.

At Panoramic, we put security above all else. Because of this, our bi-fold doors are all leaders when it comes to keeping you safe. We work closely with REAL, Sunflex and Origin, our partners, to ensure the doors they design come packed with the latest security features. That way, you can enjoy a stunning new door without it giving you any stress.

Also, you’ll be able to customise your new bi-fold doors to suit you. That way, they can be as secure as you’d like them to be. With options like blinds, obscured glazing and additional locking systems, you’ll never have to feel vulnerable to burglars. Instead, you can reliably protect what matters most in your home.

How Do Bi-Fold Doors Secure My Home?

Secure bi-fold doors have an innovative design to open your home up to the outside world. Bi-fold doors have multiple panels of double glazing which fold in on each other when you open the doors. Because of this, you’ll get slim sightlines and plenty of natural light, helping your living space feel open even when your doors are closed.

However, once they are closed, your bi-fold doors turn into a highly secure fixture of your home. Because the doors use an in-line slider, they are directly attached to the floor of your home. Not only does this mean your doors will be anti-crowbar, but the slider also conceals locking systems like shootbolts from view.

Not only will you get secure bi-fold doors, but you’ll get safe ones for your home. Because of this, you’ll be able to protect yourself in more ways than one. If you have young children, for example, you may be worried about them getting their fingers caught in your new entrance. However, weighted springs prevent this, providing a finger-trap that lets you get them out safely.

Additionally, the lack of a swing arc not only saves space but removes a trip hazard. That means, unlike French doors, you won’t have to worry about losing room in your living space with these doors. And, with a low-threshold option, you can reduce the doors’ clearance, helping them become more secure while becoming more accessible.

Secure Bi-Fold Door Glazing

In secure bi-fold doors, you’ll get panels of advanced double glazing. Because of this, your glass will be able to give you an extra layer of protection. Unlike regular glass, you’ll get two panes of toughened glazing, which means it’ll be much less likely that the glass breaks over time.

Also, bi-fold doors come with multi-point locking systems as standard. As a result, an intruder won’t be able to separate any of the glass panels from their aluminium frames. They’ll stay locked together to both the frames and the slider beneath them, making your doors almost bulletproof.

The aluminium frames of your bi-fold doors will also protect the glazing. Glass can be prone to condensation over the years, but the aluminium frames make your doors air and water-tight. Because of this, cold temperatures won’t be able to get around the glass, reducing the risk of mist building up and causing your glass to weaken over time.

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Weatherproof Bi-Fold Doors

Another benefit of secure bi-fold doors is that they’ll keep securing your home for decades. A lot of that is down to the fact that they are fully weatherproof designs. That means that, when the weather turns on you, your doors will be able to withstand all weather conditions. For example, winds won’t be able to pass through gaps in the design to turn into uncomfortable draughts.

Your new doors will be made-to-measure installations, preventing any gaps for wind to enter through. Additionally, the aluminium frames won’t warp, rot or decay in excess water. As a result, it won’t seep through your doors, causing damp spots or structural damage.

Because the aluminium is weatherproof, it’ll protect the secure hardware in your bi-fold doors from it too. As a result, the multi-point locking systems and shootbolts won’t rust or wear down, and they’ll retain their firmness for years to come. That means you can get peace of mind that lasts in your home, making secure bi-fold doors a priceless investment.

Secure Bi-Fold Door Installation

Many bi-fold door designs have excellent security. However, if they’re installed incorrectly, they could still leave you vulnerable to intruders. That’s why, at Panoramic, we don’t leave a poor fit to chance. Instead, our installation team can provide a made-to-measure fitting of bespoke bi-fold doors in your home.

We’ll test every component in the doors, making sure they work at their best before the doors go into your living space. That way, you won’t be caught out or surprised by anything in your doors failing when it matters.

Panoramic is a trusted, local installer, providing installations of bi-fold doors from right on your doorstep. Because of this, you won’t have to pay an unfair price for our services. Do away with the travel costs and premiums of national brands, and go local to pay for secure bi-fold doors and nothing else!

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Secure Bi-Fold Doors Prices

Get in touch with Panoramic today to invest in secure bi-fold doors for less!

You can use our online design tool to create bespoke, secure bi-fold doors for your home in minutes! From there, we can provide an instant online quote for any design.

Our friendly team are also happy to help! Call them on 01179 560 449 to get in touch with them today, and find out why Panoramic’s bi-fold doors are an invaluable investment.

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